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Fighting for working people in the East Bay.

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Fremont - Hayward - Castro Valley
San Lorenzo - Union City - Cherryland
Fairview - Ashland - Sunol - District 20
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In the Community

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Running to protect East Bay residents.

Here's how we'll do it:

An affordable Bay Area for working people.

Many of the families Alexis grew up with are struggling live in Bay Area and are at risk of displacement if things don't get better. Alexis is fighting for a livable East Bay through increased affordable housing and expanded rent control. He is determined to stand up to the greed of the healthcare industry and utility companies that are bankrupting our communities.

Fair pay, good benefits, & strong unions for all.

As a labor organizer and child of a union family, Alexis knows firsthand that unions improve their members' quality of life. That's why Alexis is committed to increasing workplace democracy, reducing wage theft, and making sure all workers have the right to join a union.  

Funds for our public schools, students, & teachers.

California is the fifth largest economy on the planet and home to some of the wealthiest companies in human history, but our schools rank among the lowest in the country, and our teachers can’t afford to live in their communities. Alexis believes we must restore funding for public schools and teachers by closing corporate tax loopholes and reinvesting in public education.

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Investing in a Green California for everyone.

We can rebuild our infrastructure, preserve the environment, and generate thousands of jobs at the same time. Alexis supports a Green New Deal for California, which will employ our residents and help our state prepare for droughts, fires, and earthquakes.

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The Opposition

While in office, Assemblymember Bill Quirk:

  • Wrote the PG&E bailout bill.
  • Accepts money from fossil fuel corporations.
  • Blocked overtime pay for farm workers.
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